Flagstaff, AZ


The running

  • Favorite run sites - Woody Mt Road, FR171 in Bellemont and 'Mailboxes' at Lake Mary 
  • Workout loops - Fort Tuthill, Cardinal Fields (NAU) and Buffalo Park
  • Track work -Red Rock HS in Sedona, NAU
  • Lower elevations - Camp Verde road loop and FR618 in Beaver Creek
  • Escape winter snow at Twin Arrows or Winona, just east of Flag


Runner needs

My go-to Flagstaff resources:

  • Hypo2 Chiropractic for body care
  • Summit Health & Fitness - strength facility w/treadmills
  • Whole Foods (obvs)
  • Flagstaff Running (local running store)


Fueling in Flagstaff

  • Breakfast/brunch - Tourist Home or Toasted Owl 
  • Lunch - Proper Meats & Provisions or Wildflower
  • Dinner - Pizzicletta, Criollo or Diablo Burger
  • Matador Coffee - buy beans or fill your mug here
  • Bagel Run from Biff's Bagels - 8am every Thursday